Not only inside matters, outside as well

The Wrap It. was found by Daniel, Gary and Gloria with the idea of bringing back traditional gift-giving. They looked at the world around them and realized the impact of technology on modern social life. "Where is the social connection amongst us?" our three young entrepreneurs questioned. People are no longer willing to spend time, money and effort to look for a decent gift or to embellish the presentation of one. People would rather simply send a cold gift card or even a text message. After all, what if the present isn't liked or wanted and ends up being returned?


But! The Wrap It. is convinced there is more than paper and tape in wrapping a present. Love, care, wishes, hopes, honest thoughts and sincere emotions are also wrapped under the gift wraps. And the recipient in turn receives each thought and emotion with eagerness and excitement as they unwrap their present. The Wrap It. goes by the motto, "Not only inside matters, but outside as well." It's not just about the materialistic product inside the box, but also all the considerations, feelings and efforts that goes into presenting the box. This is the reason why our company provides upscale gift-giving accessories, such as tote bags, gift wrapping papers, corrugated boxes, ribbon and bows to retailers throughout the U.S.